Roses are Red  Face Elixir

Roses are Red Face Elixir

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Lightweight oil that penetrates deep into the skin.  Gives face a firm smooth feel. With added Rosehip oil, (the round portion of the rose flower, just below the petals.) This elixir is chock ful of vitamins & antioxidants used to hydrate and  and smooth skin. The oils are steeped in rose petals.

So what is an Elixir anyway?  Well, they are  thinner than a serum and cream and thicker than a toner or essence.  An elixir is a potion of various oils & they may contain herbal infusions, plant extracts,  or butters.  Elixirs should be applied between these two steps for that "glow" it is an excellent makeup  base, or nightly nourishment.


After cleansing the  face,  you can lightly apply your favorite moisturizer.  Apply the elixir after the moisturizer.  An elixir gives the skin that extra  glow.  This oil should be  applied over face,  neck, & decolletage.  Allow oil to penetrate  for a few minutes  prior to applying  foundation  or makeup.  gently press oil into face and neck with finger tips. 


Rosehip Oil,  Rose Absolute, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, Olive oil,  Roses Petals,  Rose oil 

1 ounce