Bath & Body Artistans are popping up like popcorn across America, but Body Be Silk, sets the pace for luxe Handmade certified beauty products -which people are excited to use and more willing to pay for.

You want small, luxury, natural, handcrafted, & local? we give you Indie Artistian Greta, better known as Lady G among her peers.  She is the sole owner and Craftier.  

Tucked in the Peach State of Georgia about an hour from Atlanta, is the business in which Greta works like a mad scientist creating & developing.  The beautiful space is filled with essential oils, and botanicals, glass jars of carrier oils,  vials of  face elixirs, trays of soothing Butters (coconut, cocoa, and Shea,) she also hand makes a glorious body treatment made with handmade coffee oil and black lava salt used to smooth hips, thighs, and buttocks.  Her Rose face Elixir is brined in rose petals.  Her Ayurvedic Hair line hosts a natural scalp scrub and a hemp based hair oil. 

The latter reflects Greta's model that it is better to do one thing right, instead of two things okay.  She's proven that to be true because she has developed a brand of clean products that is created to perfection.  She has more then proven to be an aficionado of clean Beauty.   

Body Be Silk is leaping Bunny and PETA certified and cruelty-free.  And yes, all  of her products are handmade under her guidance.'

 Greta also gives a nod to women of the world whereas every product she creates has a backstory.  "My products are more than just oils and  scents, they are formulations."

Sure, there are other Indie Brands, but Greta has been curating wholesale  natural unique body products and has landed her brand in two health food stores, and two salons.

For the aspiring Artisan, Greta suggests taking essential oil and holistic classes.  "The two primary roles of a Craftier is to preserve Heritage and to create quality products.  As an Indie Artistian  it is my obligation to preserve ingredient Integrity."  but more importantly to hand craft with love."

Greta/lady G