About us

As a bath & body product junkie, Greta so warmly refereed to as Lady G has adored everything organic and homemade for as long as she can recall.  "I started formulating my own products at home.  Making them for my family and for myself as a way to avoid harmful chemicals in store bought brands.  As it turned out a friend of the family visited the house after I made up a jar of my 'Southern Sweet Lemonade body scrub, and she encouraged me to share it with the public.  Thus Body Be Silk was born!" she explains.  Realizing there was a void in the bath and shower industry, after doing extensive research and making tests jugs of my product, I was on a mission.  "My passion for building my brand was huge, and working day and night to perfect my recipes, I was like a mad scientist sometimes waking up in the middle of the night with recipes floating around in my head, the kitchen was my lab.  "I kept experimenting and trying new formulations, while coming up with new and inventive names and combining natural oils and botanical additives  to my product line.  I wanted a luxe line that had no harmful chemicals added and I certainly was not going to test on animals.  So in 2008 an organic luxurious product line was born.  In her Atlanta, Georgia home neighbors started knocking on her door, some ordering by the gallon.  Soon, highly anticipated follow ups started to emerge, and quickly Greta's products became known as the 'bring your spa home experience.' 


"My original plan was just to create something for my daughter and I to use on our skin.  I have however, had the honor of creating an array of pampering products that can turn anyone's bathroom into a day spa.  My motto was spoil your body, and I have had the luxury of doing just that, and more!"  What began in Greta's kitchen is now available online and in spas.  Today she is expanding her line and offering her bath time goodies in natural kraft boxes with geami wrapping material and chocolate brown personalized satin bows.  Natural and pretty inside as well as outside the jar, she is simply doing what no other has yet to do; create a natural and organic bath and body line that not only pampers your skin...but spoils your body and relaxes your mind as well.



Lady G