About us

Indie Artistan and bath & body junkie,  Greta, has respected clean beauty, before it was popular.  With some beauty recipes handed down from her Native American great grandmother, Greta, started  creating  her own products at home.  "I began crafting  beauty products  as a way to avoid harmful chemicals in store bought brands.  As it turned out, a friend of the family visited the house after I made up a jar of my 'Southern Sweet Lemonade body scrub, and she encouraged me to go into business,"  She explains.  There is is not only a story behind Greta's brand,  but  each product has a story of its own, by  giving a nod to various products sourced from around the world.  "In the beginning, My passion for building my brand was huge, I was determined to add to the beauty recipes, left by my great grandmother.  I was like a mad scientist sometimes waking up in the middle of the night with recipes floating around in my head, the kitchen was my lab.  I kept experimenting and trying new formulations, while coming up with new and inventive names and combining natural oils and botanical additives  to my product line.  I wanted a luxe line that had no harmful chemicals added, and I certainly was not going to test on animals.  So, I became leaping Bunny and PETA certified and cruelty free. in 2008 an organic luxurious product line was born.  In her Atlanta, Georgia home neighbors started knocking on her door, some ordering by the gallon.  Soon, highly anticipated follow ups started to emerge, and quickly Greta's products became known as the clean beauty experience.'


What began in  Greta's kitchen,  is now available online and in two health food Stores.  Today, she is on the cusp of elevating her brand, and has plans of taking her products to the next level.