"Sweet Tea Organic Body Scrub"

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Introducing Sweet Tea, the South's quintessential southern wine. Giving a nod to the women of  south Carolina,  The history dates back to as far as 1795.  In the United States it boasts as being the only state where tea was grown, and the first  state to produce it commercially.  The southern ladies would strain it and pour it over a loaf of sugar, in 1995 South Carolina's grown tea was officially adopted as the 'Official Hospitality Beverage'  Enjoy this scrumptious smelling southern sweet tea with a hint of lemon aroma and bring the spa and the south home!

Ingredients: Blended Tea Buds of:  Red Rooibus, Purple Cornflowers, Orange, African Rooibos, Blue Malva,  Vanilla, Orange, oil, olive oil,  Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Cane Sugar, fragrance, 


8 ounces