"Kopi Jawa Coffee Hip & Thigh Treatment"

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Introducing the Kopi Jawa Indonesian Hip  & Thigh Treatment.  This body treatment pays homage to the women of Indonesia.  Kopi Jawa is defined as describing not only the origin of the coffee, but used to distinguish  the style of coffee; strong black and sweet.  The coffee elements in this treatment are pampering. 

What does it do? coffee helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, thanks to the antioxidants found in coffee beans.  The  black lava salt will help skin maintain it's softness.  Coconut oil is incredibly  moisturizing to the skin.  Use  treatment 1-2 times per week in bath or shower, while concentrating on the thighs, hips, buttocks, and areas with cellulite.


Organic ground coffee beans, Dead sea salt, Cane sugar, Cinnamon powder, Olive oil, Grape seed oil, Sunflower oil,  Green coffee oil,  Vtamin E, Black lava salt,  Coonut oil,  Turbinado raw sugar,  Neem oil, Coffee aroma.

8 ounces