Dominican Healthy Hair Oil

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Introducing the art of oiling  hair.  The Ayurvedic practice of submerging hair in herbalized oils, for a  luxuriant effect.  It doesn't matter if your hair grows out or grows down, If  you wear your hair natural, relaxed, or in braids, or if your hair is kinky curly, loosly curled, or straightened with a flat iron.   Your hair should be soft to the touch, and not heavy with product.  Silky hair doesn't necessarily mean straight,  it just means soft. And,  healthy hair doesn't start on its own, it starts at the scalp.

Directions: apply a half ounce of oil to hair (use more for thick or long hair) & massage the herbalized oils into your hair, massaging gently into the scalp, allowing the oils to penetrate. Gently dousing the ends as well.  Wrap hair with a silk scarf, for at least 30 min.  Preferably overnight.  Wash, condition,  and style as usual.  

Ingredients: olive oil, sesame oil, hemp oil,  jojoba oil,  steeped in bhringaraj & hibiscus, essentsil oils of spearmint,  hibiscus flowers, steeped in Ayurvedic herbs: brahmi/gotu, kola, amalaki, bhringaraj , Ginger, lemongrass, mint, vanilla 

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