Ethiopian Hair Ghee

Ethiopian Hair Ghee

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This cream  is infused with Ghee (clarified butter) essential oils, rose, &  honey. Slathering. Ghee in hair started out as a wedding tradition for many Ethiopian tribes,  like the Afar, Borana, and the Homar. It served as a way to protect their scalps, and keep their Fros & and dreadlocks in place. 

What does it do? ghee is rich in vitamin E and A which is known to condition your hair and soften it is also at shine and stimulates hair growth by putting moisture into the hair follicles.

 Directions: massage onto hair & scalp generously. Allow it to stay on for 30 minutes to overnight,  less time is okay if you are in a rush. Please pay close attention to coverage on the ends of the hair as well.  Cover hair with a shower cap or bonnet,  then  shampoo and conditioners as usual. 

*Ghee will liquify  when warm. Stick in fridge to solidify 

2 oz