Floriferous... The Way of the Bouquet..Floral Bath Salts

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Floriferous. Majestically bearing flowers in abundance. This Rich marriage of opulent luxurious flowers combined with  lavish blends of Splendid oils and intriguing salts and Botanicals makes for a sweet and seductive bath.  With a nod toward the earth and horticulture, this intense bouquet of roses, camomile, jasmine, violets, and gardenias,  coupled with a grandiose splash of  musk, sugar pear, and ginger. The exotic pink Himalayan salts fused with clear dead Sea salt and thin Epson, softens the bath and adds character to this delicate mix of perfection.

* Please use caution when getting out of the bath or shower oils are slippery & your body will certainly thank you! 16 oz