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Tangerine Rum Body Butter

Tangerine Rum Body Butter

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Paying homage to the tangerine passion drink using Tangerine rum. This body butter Butter will satisfy in more ways then one.  The alcoholic drink itself includes Triple Sec, orange juice, and fruit puree, garnished with a cherry and orange slices.  Although this Butter is lightly scented, when using, the aroma itself will make you think of those luscious blends!  this body butter goes on smooth and the  citrus Blends will surely satisfy. This is divine when used in conjunction with the honeyroo with African black soap foot scrub.

*May we suggest using the Honeyroo with African Black Soap foot scrub as an added addition to your bath and body needs. A sample will accompany your order.

** Use caution when getting out of the bathroom shower the oils are slippery your body will surely thank you!

4 ounces