Iced Coffee Body Butter

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Coffee Jitters anyone? this is a coffee Lover's Dream  the aroma is like the perfect Cup of Joe! this soft butter works splendiferously with the Kopi Jawa body treatment.  Coffee butter is great when used in conjunction with the Kopi Jawa body treatment.  Sooth on areas of most concern, especially on the thighs and hips. A nod is given to the history of New Orleans where chicory, boiled milk,  and Rich black coffee is used to make a splendid cup of coffee.  in recent years iced coffee has become the perfect alternative to a hot steaming cup of coffee and remembrance of the drink Cafe Brulot invented by Jules Alciatore.  The ingredients include Cognac,  Grand Mariner, dark brown sugar, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, & strong New Orleans chicory coffee it is usually served as an after-dinner coffee drink at fine hotels new restaurants invented during the 1890s when using this body butter think about the history involved and some of the fine coffee drinks


4 ounces.


Coffea Arabia seed oil

Hydrogenated vegetable oil

Shea oil

Coffee essential oil

  *Sample of the Kope Jawa body treatment will accompany this order